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Smith & Larson Audio will be offering a Microphone Compensation Service for $50

We will use our tester to compensate and verify microphones in the same environment they will be used.

Keep in mind that general purpose (low cost) measurement microphones are based on simple electret capsules.  With a decent compensation curve these are quite adequate for everyday use, and if they break, they are a lot cheaper to replace than a multi-thousand dollar laboratory grade condensor microphone.

Please note: The word 'compensation' is intentionally being used here rather than 'calibration'.  When the word 'calibration' is used, it implies that the device is a reference grade instrument that has been fully certified and comes with traceable documentation to a yet higher standard.  The electret measurement microphone is simply not of this caliber.

The most important part of creating a compensation curve is the response.  In this case or reference component is a certified condenser capsule.  We have then verify our other three other capsules match their last known calibrations.  Our measuring amplifiers, microphone supplies and preamps are likewise checked to be in good working order (IE flat response). 

If tighter control is required, we suggest purchasing a laboratory grade microphone and or using a fully certified service.

Here is the methodology (document TBD) we use with our tester to compensate our microphones.

Please note: This is a special service we provide to our customers.

For further inquiries, please contact sales.

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