During calibration, the calibration dialog box asks the user to plug in the test leads with either the calibration resistor
 or a short at the far end.  If instead the calibration resistor and a shorting bar are directly plugged into the unit,
 the effect is that of a zero length test cable having no resistance or inductance.

 The ARB1 and ARB2 plot overlay shown below was made using the two 36" supplied test leads to make an inductive loop. The
 inductance in this case varied from about 2.2 uH in the open loop configuration to about 0.9 uH when the wires were
 tightly twisted together. Almost as importantly, the inductive reactance at 20 kHz varied from 0.106 ohms to 0.268
 ohms. To test a length of speaker cable, simply plug one end of the cable into the tester, and short the other end.

                     Supplied Red and Black 36" Test Leads
                     Wide Open and Closed Loop Inductance

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